Art Adventure Gallery


rebecca hendrickson, jeanie smith & coralee popp

Triple Exposure

Opening Reception Friday July 6, 5:30-7pm

  • Motion Standing Still - Rebecca Hendrickson
  • Sometimes A Flower - Jeanie Smith


reception photos 7/6/12

Coralee Popp:
Drawing is to art what the tonal scales are to music. Ingres once said it is the probity of art. Unlike a painting constructed with layers of paint that obfuscate the process, the truth of a drawing relies in part, to the immediacy of the act, the history of the surface, and the paper’s ability to record each moment. The mistakes, the missteps, the moments of clarity... all are revealed, and thus become the unmistakable witness to the artist's journey.

These drawings made with oils on prepared paper are done quickly using live models. This exercise demands the intense observation of forms, perspective and proportion, both real, and those created by lights and darks. The basic concept is that all parts of an object, a landscape, a person (a problem!) are locked into a proportional relationship which can not be capriciously changed. The challenge is to see what that relationship is and to see it truly. Not what I think it might be, not what I think it should be or could be, but what it is.

Surrounded by these images later in my studio, contemplation resulted in the addition of minor elements to a few that were not present during the initial drawing. Taking the step from direct observation to the imagination, for example, one figure seated with eyes closed is now accompanied by "Raphael's Angel". After a few more adjustments a decision was made to leave the works as they exist. The viewer is free to use their own imagination.