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donald j stastny


Opening Reception Thursday March 6, 5:30-7pm

  • Ursa Major
  • Family


reception photos 3/6/14

The power of a piece of art lies in its content and execution. Limited and defined by the chosen medium, the artist's challenge is to create a piece that stands on its own. In my private collection, I have encountered a phenomena where each piece interacts with those that are placed in close proximity—and gains power by the interaction. In Native American work, which is based on traditional values reinterpreted in a contemporary idiom, I have observed that the power of a piece is intensified by its relationship to other works. Whether it is the spirit of an expression, the synergistic coupling of tradition and interpretation, or just the comfort of being next to other works, I really don’t know. In CONVERSATIONS, I have attempted to bring two aspects of my artistic exploration together—painting and sculpture. By "coupling" expressions within paintings and messages included in sculptures, this collection explores the "conversations" that might occur between the pieces. Each thematic relationship expands the strength of the individual piece to both intensify its meaning, but also to explore how the piece expands the horizons of it’s partner through juxtaposition.

While each piece can endure on its own, this exhibition is about the CONVERSATIONS that occur between the pieces—whether it be complimentary or whether it be to further the discussion about meaning and relationship. The fundamental belief of CONVERSATIONS is that there is a connection of everything in the real world and that the same connectivity can be represented in my world of art.

So I offer an invitation: place yourself in the CONVERSATIONS to bring additional meaning and content to the pairing of oil and bronze, celebrate the spirit imbedded in the piece, and explore art as a vehicle to greater understanding of self.

Donald J. Stastny