Art Adventure Gallery


gordon & kay baker

Opening Reception Friday June 3, 5:30-7pm

  • Afternoon Siesta - Kay Baker
  • Morning in the Country - Kay Baker


Gordon: "Within the context of nature, I record my impression of awe and wonderment, the mystique, the prevailing atmosphere, and a sense of discovery. I also capture the historical aspects of nature and man-made artifacts that are subject to vanishing with time. This is done with brush, canvas, board and oil paints. My painting style is representational."

Kay is well known in Central Oregon but doesn't limit her plein air and studio painting to just the High Desert. She also travels throughout the country capturing the essence of the area. She was challenged years ago by noted artist Bill Herring to look into the "horses of her soul"; that is, to see what really motivates her and what she really wants to convey to those that view her work.