Art Adventure Gallery


laura jo sherman & beryl foust-hovey

Opening Reception Friday February 3, 5:30-7pm

  • Cascade Peaks - Laura Jo Sherman
  • Tumalo Creek - Laura Jo Sherman


reception photos 2/3/12

laura jo sherman

I started painting with pastels in 1995. They became my great passion as I love the colors, the textures and even the movements of applying them to a sanded surface. I have also discovered plein air painting and the easy way pastels can be carried on location. The two make a natural fit for creating landscape paintings. The challenge is making decisions and capturing the scene quickly.

beryl foust-hovey

I am constantly inspired by the nature: trees, water, rocks, flowers, animals, the change of seasons and the atmosphere. The beauty of landscape is limitless and makes selecting a composition daunting as my goal is to capture the essence of the scene not the literal. I love the outdoors whether walking my dog, riding my horse, or traveling I’m rejuvenated and inspired to create beautiful pastel paintings.