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richard thompson

  • LocalLandscape1

ann kresge


gordon baker

  • The Complainer

kay baker

  • Lift Up Your Eyes

laurie lyman balmuth

  • Poppies

nancy bushaw

  • p1010534

elizabeth carroll

  • The Messenger


  • Tagged Hawk

robert davis

  • Bannack Truck

joanne donaca

  • Green Lake and South Sister

janice druian

  • Late Afternoon, Deschutes near Warm Springs

deanna epley

  • Libra/Chardonnay

david evans

  • Hood & Blossoms

debra fisher

  • Old Shaman

sandy feigner

  • Sandy Feigner

beryl foust-hovey

  • Taking a Break

dorothy freudenberg

  • The Trees Threw Their Leaves

mick geronimo

  • Mick Geronimo

nancy goodenow

  • Green Fields

epp harmon

  • Epp Harmon

rebecca hendrickson

  • Pretend Not To Notice

cheri hyde

  • Changing Plateau

joellyn loehr

  • Gee's Bend

lynn miller

  • Magnifliar

sean minogue

  • Sept 24, 2011

tim outman

  • Woman Rising (side view)

coralee popp

  • Kacie Is As Kacie Does

lynn rothan

  • Green Drop

erik sandgren

  • Erik Sandgren

john scheideman

  • Maple with Wenge, Yellowheart and Bloodwood

laura jo sherman

  • Tumalo Creek

victoria shuck

  • Indian Racer

jc smith

  • jc smith

jeanie smith

  • Upside Down and Happy

donald j stastny

  • Cloud Landscape

melinda thorsnes

  • Not Even Jacksons "Hole"

mardy widman

  • MardyWidman_7_0033

barbara williams

  • Barbara Williams